1. Introduction

1.1 About CellPoint Digital

CellPoint Digital (CPD) is a Payment Orchestration Platform (POP) pioneer, enabling merchants to adopt multi-acquirer payment models that open up new opportunities for growth. We help merchants meet customer expectations of a flexible, frictionless checkout with the payment methods they want to use, no matter where they are in the world.

With 400+ payment methods in our ecosystem, CellPoint Digital increases digital revenue while reducing payment costs, total cost of ownership, and time to market. A fintech leader in payment innovation and expanding rapidly into multiple markets, our mission is to help unify and accelerate our customers’ digital transactions.

We are a PCI DSS certified organization.

1.2 About Velocity POP

CellPoint Digital’s Velocity POP simplifies payment processing across all digital channels while handling PCI DSS compliance through a variety of integration options. Its growing payment ecosystem accommodates several global and local acquiring banks, PSPs, card schemes, alternative payment methods, and offline payment methods.

Velocity also offers business services such as stored cards, pay-by-link, split payments, multi-currency pricing, intelligent routing, recurring, and installments payment out of the box.