Description of Parameters

14. Description of Parameters

14.1 Search and Book Workflow

mobileIntegerNoThe mobile number of a customer.
emailStringNoThe email address of a customer.
countryIdIntegerNoThe CPD-specific country code, made available on request.
currencyIdIntegerNoThe CPD-specific ID of a currency selected for making payment.
operatorIdIntegerNoThe identification number of a customer’s Mobile Network Operator. A typical value is “country id” multiplied by 100.
amountStringNoThe amount for a product or services that a customer pays.
orderIDIntegerNoThe order ID details, required for airlines.
ObjectNoThe object of mPointOrderInfo, which contains details of order data.

The type of transaction. The following table shows the transaction types.

Txn TypeTransaction flow that a customer uses for making payment
1 Search and book
2 Search and book, pay later
  • Manage your booking for:
    • Ancillary Purchase
    • Change itinerary payment
  • Online check in for ancillary purchase
  • 4 Manage your booking, pay later

    14.2 FX Service Parameters

    The description of parameters for the FX Service transaction is listed in the table below.

    Object NameDescription
    OrderNumberThe order number of a transaction.
    CardNumberThe card used in a transaction.
    CardTypeThe type of card used in a transaction such as Visa or Mastercard.
    orderIdThe order ID of a transaction.
    amountThe amount that a customer pays for a transaction.
    SaleAmountThe mpoint amount info object. It shows the amount and currency against which you want to offer exchange price.
    TransactionIdThe transaction ID generated during a transaction.
    AccountIdThe account ID of a transaction.
    ClientIdThe client ID.
    clientinfoThe client info object.
    CardIdThe ID number of a stored card.