Document Details

1. Document Details

1.1 Scope of the Document

This document aims to help you integrate the Velocity Payment Orchestration Platform (POP) with your application using application programming interfaces (APIs).

Note: Sample codes are provided to facilitate the integration process. However, the live request and response values may vary depending on the configuration.

1.2 Version History

Document Version Additional Features
  • Introduced:
    • Split payment method
    • PayPal workflow
  • Updated:
    • AID data fields
    • Granular error codes
  • Introduced exchange services to identify the type of foreign exchange service used for a transaction.

  • Updated split payment method
  • Ticket level API changes

  • Added instalments
3.00Updated the document template.
3.01Updated Section 7.2 parameters; editing and formatting.
3.02Added Appendix with tables.
3.03Added and updated Initialize, Authorize, Capture, and Refund Status Codes in Section 18.
3.04Added table for update-order-data field description
3.05Added section 9.1.5 for 3D secure authenticated card with field descriptions.
3.06Added 3DS example and field description for Authorize-payment (Section 9).
3.07Updated document template.
3.08Added new Get Payment Methods API (Section 13).
3.12Updated Section 16 path details.
3.13Updated Section 8.1.1 Pay Request for Payu and Safetypay. Added a table to Section 8.1. Added tables to Section 19 for tax_id_type.
3.14Replaced generic card numbers with “card_number” in XML files.
3.15Updated Section 5 Velocity POP Payment Workflow.
3.16Amended tables in Section 21 for tax_id_type.