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1. Document Details

1.1 Scope

This document provides information about Velocity HPP integration with a website.

Note: Details about SDK and API integration are in separate guides, which can be provided on request.

1.2 Version History

VersionDateUpdates or changes
2.05June 2021Updated JSON redirect parameters.
2.06July 2021Updated JSON redirect parameters.
2.07Sept 2021Updated JSON request and redirect parameters.
2.08Feb 2022Editing and formatting. Updated JSON redirect parameters.
2.09Mar 2022Updated Section 5.1 table to change “country” parameter to “No”.
2.10April 2022Updated Section 5.2 table txntype values list.
2.11April 2022Updated Section 5.2 table to add init-token VA examples.
2.12August 2022Updated Section 7 to include the shipping node, order data parameter descriptions, and passenger type codes.
2.13November 2022Changed GMT to local time.
2.14January 2023Updated document template.