FAQs about HPP Integration

8. FAQs about HPP Integration

Q: Where can I view the payment transaction?

A: After you complete the onboarding, the support team provides you login credentials and a link to the Vision console. You can use one of the modules to view all of the transaction details. You can also use Vision to cancel or refund the transactions.

Q: I have a mobile application. How can I integrate Velocity HPP?

A: CPD provides software development kits (SDKs) for mobile application.

Q: After the completion of a transaction, does a merchant’s backend server receive information about the success or failure of transaction?

A: After customers receive a confirmation of the success or failure of transaction, an asynchronous call back request is sent to your server about the success or failure of the translation. This includes information such as TXNid, status, authcode, and amount information.

Q: How do I check transaction data on front end and back end?


Front end:

When HPP sends data on accept URL, it sends following transaction details in the body of the URL on the front end (accept URL) and client server (call back URL):

Back end:

When transaction is successful, Velocity sends back end data of above transaction details on that URL for both successful or failed transaction.