General Codes

Velocity API - Airline

1001PaymentPayment Initialized with VelocityThe payment transaction is created in the Velocity database.
1009PaymentPayment Initialized with PSPThe payment processor responsible for authorizing the payment has been initialized.
1991CallbackMerchant Callback ConstructedThe callback to the merchant application sent to callback-url has been constructed.
1992CallbackCallback ConnectedThe connection with the merchant callback URL is established.
1993CallbackCallback Connection FailedThe connection with the merchant callback URL failed.
1990CallbackCallback AcceptedThe merchant system returned an HTTP 200 OK and received the callback.
1995CallbackCallback RejectedThe merchant system returned an HTTP $XX/5XX Error and rejected the callback.
2000PaymentAuthorizedThe payment has been authorized successfully by the PSP.
2002PaymentCancelledThe authorized payment has been cancelled successfully by the PSP.
2003PaymentRefundedThe captured payment refunded successfully (full / partial) by the PSP. The manual operation / delayed refund - pending states, initiated.
2008PaymentPayment via StoredInitialized payment with a stored card.
2009PaymentAuthorized and Card StoredThe payment has been authorized successfully by the PSP and the card stored on a successful authorization.
2001PaymentCapturedThe payment has been captured successfully by the PSP initiated for refund.
2010PaymentRejectedThe payment was rejected by the PSP or Acquirer need more granular states - message tbl front end can continue handling the generic state.
20109PaymentRejected sub state on timeoutIssuer down time; SDK returns this to the Velocity core.
20108PaymentRejected sub state on timeoutPSP down time; SDK returns this to the Velocity core.
2011refund PaymentDeclinedThe payment was declined by the PSP / Acquirer while performing capture, refund, or cancel.

No Vision impact; however, all declines have common state 2011.
4020SessionSession FailedThe session failed or declined. One or more transactions in the session failed.
4021SessionSession FailedThe session failed (maximum attempt exceeds). One or more transaction attempts failed.
4030SessionSession CompleteThe session completed successfully. The transactions in the session are complete and successful.
4031SessionSession PartialThe session was partially completed. One or more transactions in the session were incomplete.

Additional codes.

0Payment not made.
200Request validated and accepted by back end.
400Request rejected by back end because of validation error.
401Authentication required.
403Access denied.
415Message transmitted in an unknown format or by using an unsupported content type.
500Velocity server error.
502PSP returned an unknown error.
504A timeout occurred while communicating with the PSP.
1003Card expired.
1005Invalid card number.
1011Invalid card name.
1012Invalid card address.
1013Invalid card date of birth.
1014Card is inactive.
2007Payment processed.
2019Payment duplicated.
2084Card not found.
4030Payment success.
40031Partial payment success.