Authorize Payment

Velocity API - Airline

The following table provides information about the codes that you can receive after you authorize a payment.

1Undefined client ID
2Invalid client ID
3Unknown client ID
4Client disabled.
11Undefined account.
12Invalid account.
13Unknown account.
14Account disabled.
24The selected payment card is not available.
26Undefined password.
27Password is too short; min length is 6 characters.
28Password is too long; max length is 50 characters.
29Password contains invalid characters or
31Authentication failed.
32Authentication failed – Next invalid attempt will delete the account.
33Authentication failed – Account deleted.
34Authentication rejected by the single sign-on server.
35User account not found.
36A timeout occurred while communicating with the single sign-on server.
37Mobile number not verified.
38Unable to perform single sign-on due to invalid Security Token or Authentication URL.
39User account disabled.
41Undefined card ID.
42ID for the stored card is too small, min value is 1.
43Stored card not found.
43Insufficient balance on voucher.
44Stored card disabled.
45Voucher and Redeem device-ids not equal.
48Voucher payment temporarily locked.
51Insufficient balance on e-money account.
52Insufficient balance on loyalty account.
52Amount is more than pending amount.
53Amount is more than pending amount.
59Authorization type not supported for the transaction.
79An unknown error occurred while retrieving payment data from 3rd party wallet. Card has been blocked.
90The connection timed out while authorizing the payment with the PSP.
92Authorization rejected by PSP / Acquirer.
92Payment rejected by invoice issuer
99Unknown PSP / Acquirer.
99The given request combination is not configured for the client.
99Invoice payment not configured for client.
100Payment authorized using a stored card.
100Payment authorized using Invoice
100Payment Authorized using stored card.
101Payment authorized using e-money account.
102Payment authorized using loyalty account.
103Authorization already in progress.
400Wrong operation: authorization.
401Authentication required.
401Authorization required.
401Username / Password doesn't match.
404Transaction with ID:.
415Invalid XML Document.
1002Internal database error - Unable to create a new Transaction.
Contact [email protected].
1003Internal database error - Unable to insert new message for Transaction.
Contact [email protected].
1004Internal database error - Unable to update Transaction.
Contact [email protected].
2000Payment authorized.
2009Payment authorized and card stored.
2010Authorization Declined or Rejected.