Webhook Status Codes

RangeState IDNameDescriptionState TypeShared with Merchant in Redirect?Shared with Merchant in Callback?
1XXX1XXX range is for Transaction initialization with mPoint or PSP
1001Transaction InitializeIf the user left the payment on the payment selection page, then that transaction will be in the Initiate state.Transaction State
1009Transaction Initialize with PSPFor an APM/ wallet payment, if the user left the payment process after the APM payment confirmation page or from the card selection page of the wallet, then the transaction will be Initialize with PSP state.Transaction State
1041Payment Pending
2XXX2XXX range is for Authorization and Post Authorization
2000Payment AcceptedAfter the payment is completed successfully and the third-party provider confirms the same through the back-end calls, then the transaction moves into Authorize state.

This state indicates that the transaction was successful.
Transaction State
2001Payment CapturedThere are two type of capture process
Auto Capture - After Authorization capture trigger automatically by CPD or PSP.
In this case transaction move in capture state immediately after authorization.
Manual Capture - Merchant capture transaction manually from Vision system.
Transaction State
2002Payment cancelledTransaction State
2003Payment RefundedTransaction State
2010Payment Reject/FailIf the transaction is failed because of any reason then that transaction move in Reject or fail state.

This state indicates Transaction is failed.
Transaction State
2011Payment DeclineFor capture, refund, and cancel failures.

Note: In the future, there will be a separate state for each operation failure.
Transaction State
2012Cancel Failed
2013Refund Failed
2014Payment Request Failed
2015Payment Request Expired
2201Payment Partially Captured
2202Payment Partially Cancelled
2203Payment Partially Refunded
4XXX4XXX is for session states
4001Session createdWhenever any payment is create it will be in session created state.

Any session remain in this state if None of the transaction within this session is successfully yet and session is not expired.

If redirect request contain this state as session state means there no any successful transaction in session.

Consumer service needs to check the state of individual transaction to detailed information of failure. Base on the failure reason and retry configuration, can retry the payment.`
Session State
4010Session ExpiredIf a session is completed (failed/successful) within the configured time, then the session moves into the Session Expired state, and consumer service cannot perform any authorization against the same session.Session State
4020Session FailedIf fraud is detected for any transaction within a session or if one of the transactions has failed and the payment retry is not configured for a client, then the session immediately moves to the Session Failed state.Session State
4021Session Failed - Maximum AttemptSession State
4030Session CompletedThe entire payment amount is authorized/captured from one or multiple transactions and the session moves to the Session Completed state.

After the session is completed, consumer service cannot perform more authorizations against the session.
Session State
4031Session Partially CompletedAs soon as one of the transaction is authorized/captured successfully session move into partially completed state.Session State
4039Session Already CompletedInformation State