Granular Error Codes

Velocity API - Airline

The following codes are applicable for authorization failure.

Data Errors

Granular Error CodeDescription
2010101The amount is invalid.
2010000Unknown error
2010102Card number is invalid.
2010103Installment field value is invalid.
2010104Invalid order number value
2010105Missing mandatory fields or data is not present
2010106Invalid MerchantId
2010107Invalid TransactionId
2010108Invalid transaction date
2010109Invalid CVC or CVN
2010110Invalid payment type
2010111Invalid expiry date
2010112Invalid 3DS secure values
2010113Invalid card type
2010114Invalid request version
2010115Return URL is not set.
2010116Invalid currency code.
2010117Invalid promotion.
2010118Invalid token.

User Errors

Granular Error CodeDescription
2010201Invalid access credentials
2010202Invalid PIN or OTP
2010203Insufficient funds or over credit limit
2010204Expired card
2010205Unable to authorize
2010206Exceeds withdrawal count limit OR authentication requested
2010207Do not honor
2010208Transaction not permitted to user
2010109Invalid CVC or CVN
2010110Invalid payment type
2010111Invalid expiry date

Technical PSP/ACQ/ISS Errors

Granular Error CodeDescription
2010301Internal error / general system error
2010302Parse error / invalid Request
2010303Service not available.
2010304Time out
2010305Payment is cancelled / Payment reversed
2010306Waiting for upstream response
2010307No routing available
2010308System DB error
2010309Invalid operation / operation rejected
2010310Transaction already in progress / duplicate transaction / duplicate order number
2010311Endpoint not supported
2010312Transaction not permitted to terminal
2010313Invalid merchant account / configuration / API permission missing
2010314Transaction rejected by issuer / authorization failed /transaction failed
2010315EMI not available
2010316Void not supported
2010317Already captured
2010318Retry limit exceeded
2010319Invalid capture attempted / capture amount exceeds approved amount
2010320Transaction not posted
2010321Recurring payment not supported
2010322Stored card option is disabled.
2010323Request authentication failed.
2010324Unable to decrypt request.
2010325Transaction ID / EP generation failed
2010326Installment payment is disabled.
2010327Ticket issue failed
2010328Sign-in failed
2010329Card type is not allowed.
2010330Issuing bank unavailable.
2010331Transaction exceeds the approved limit
2010332Cannot void as capture or credit is submitted
2010333Cannot refund as you requested a credit for a capture that was previously voided.
2010334Credit amount exceeds maximum allowed for your merchant account.

Verification Errors

Granular Error CodeDescription
2010401FRAUD Suspicion / Rejected
2010402Address verification failed
2010403Card acceptor should contact acquirer / Issuing bank has questions about the request
2010404Security violation
2010405Card is blocked due to fraud
20104063D secure authentication failed
2010407Fraud, stolen or lost card
2010408Compliance ERROR
2010409Transaction previously declined
2010410E-commerce declined
2010411Card restricted
2010412Card function not supported
2010413Physical card error
2010414BIN check failed
2010415Validation check failed.
2010416CVN did not match
2010417The customer matched an entry on the processor’s negative file.
2010418Strong customer authentication (SCA) is required for this transaction.
2010419Authorization request was approved by the issuing bank but declined by gateway or processor.