3DS Granular Status Codes

Velocity API - Airline

The following table provides information about the 3DS Granular Status codes.

mPoint StatusSubcodeDescription
20042004002Card not enrolled (3DS1 only, may continue to transaction)
20042004003Card not enrolled in cache (not used, was used in early 3DS1)
20042004095No directory found for PAN/cardtype
20042004096No version 2 directory found for PAN/cardtype
20052005001Card is enrolled for Attempt authentication using 3DSv1.0
20052005002Card is enrolled for Attempt authentication using 3DSv2.0
20052005003Attempt authentication by loading Unknown HTML Format
20062006001Fully Authenticated, continue transaction
20062006004Attempt (Proof of authentication attempt, may continue to transaction)
20162016000Not Authenticated, do not continue transaction
20162016005U-received (grey area, continue to transaction depends on schema rules)
20162016006Error received (from Directory or ACS)
20162016091Network error
20162016092Directory error (read timeout)
20162016093Configuration error
20162016094Merchant input errors (also if merchant posted CRes not matching current transaction state by RReq)
20162016097If transaction not found on continue or service query
20162016099System error (mpi unexpected error)
20162016998Not Applicable or Reserved for Future
20162016999Unknown Error (other than the specified error)