Split Payments

Customers can split payments based on the business rules that the merchants configure. They can split between the available payment methods. A payment can be split with a payment session with multiple transactions.

To split between different payment methods, complete the following steps:

  1. Initiate the payment with initialize-payment API.
    • Passing the sessionid attribute is not required, as the new payment session is created with first initialize request.
    • The first initialize request is with the full session amount. Subsequent initialize requests will have the split part of the amount as required.

  2. The Session ID, transaction ID, and the all the applicable payment methods are returned in the response for presenting to the customer.

  3. When the customer selects the payment method and splits the amount to be paid, pay or authorize-payment request is sent to the Velocity POP.

  4. For first split in the session, update the amount for the transaction in pay or authorize-payment call depending on the AMOP or card payment.

  5. After each transaction, check the status of payment by calling get-status API. It returns the complete session status and pending amount.

  6. Steps 1 to 5 are repeated if any pending amount is returned. The session is completed when no pending amount is returned.

The following sequence diagram shows the split payment workflow: