Onboarding Checklist

OwnerOwner ResponsibilitiesDetails
CellPoint DigitalClient onboarding and configuration and merchant onboarding with Apple• Client setup - account and clientid
• API Authorization Credentials
• Configure redirect URLs for successful and failed transactions
• API version
• Supported Country-id list
• Gateway ID: cellpointmobile
Merchant / AppleProduction validation by Apple• Merchant to contact Apple for validating - web integration
• merchantid as provided by Apple once production review is completed for merchant app or web integration
• Provide Merchant and Payment certificate
• Request production access

API Flow

  1. Initialize payment using mpoint/initialize-payment.
  2. Invoke Pay API call to retrieve the session for the Apple Pay Payment
  3. Authorize payment using /mpoint/authorize-payment.
    Note: You must Process Response of initialize payment to complete the integration process.

Apple Pay Requirements

Before you start the API integration, you must follow the Apple Web Integration checklist and branding guidelines as follows: