Hosted Payment Page (HPP)

Learn how to integrate CellPoint's Hosted Payment Page.

CellPoint Digital’s (CPD) Velocity Hosted Payment Page (HPP) provides a seamless and secure payment processing channel and offers payment processing for websites. You can easily integrate it with your website and control, optimize, and harmonize payment transactions across channels.

The integration features the following:

Order summary page• Shopping cart summary.
• Customers can checkout using the payment button.
Hosted Payment page (HPP)• Hosted by CPD.
• Facilitates payment processing based on your account ID.
• Provides payment information about the success or failure of payment.
• Redirects customers back to your page.
Payment Confirmation Page• Provides information if a transaction was successful or failure.
• Provides confirmation about the purchase.

During the project, CPD’s Merchant Implementation Manager provides you with this Implementation Guide and the Data Collector. Both documents need be read alongside this integration guide, which explains how payment control is passed between CPD’s HPP and your website.

To ensure the seamless integration of your system with CellPoint's HPP, please ensure you provide the following to your Merchant Implementation Manager:

  1. Design: Organization logo, website payment template, and website color scheme.
  2. Accept URL: The URL your customers are redirected to on your Website once a transaction is completed successfully.
  3. Cancel URL: The URL your customers are redirected to on your Website if a transaction fails.
  4. Callback URL: A listener URL on your servers that will consume an asyncronous notification from CellPoint upon transaction completion. These notifications are often used by CellPoint merchants to support and complete fulfillment.
  5. Configuration
    1. Payment Ecosystem Credentials such as Acquirer MIDs.
    2. Preferred payment methods, countries, and languages and currencies supported.
  6. Whitelisting: You may need to whitelist CellPoint IPs.