Get Payment Summary

This page provides information on the Get Payment Summary request and response. This operation retrieves the decrypted payment summary including the masked card number from various wallets.

The table below specifies the endpoint and request requirements for the Get Payment Summary operation:

Path NamePath Details
Endpoint[Velocity URL]/mpoint/get-payment-summary
Request MethodGET
Format/Content Typetext/xml
AuthenticationHTTP basic access authentication


Merchants need to use the Get Payment Summary operation for wallet integration only. For example, if you have integrated Apple Pay or Google Pay and want to show the card number to your customer in a masked manner, you can use this operation.

The following is an example Get Payment Summary request:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<get-payment-summary client-id="[integer]">
		<transaction id="[integer]">
			<card type-id="16">
				<token>[Wallet Token]</token>
		<client-info language="us" version="1.28" platform="iOS/9.0.1">


If the Get Payment Summary request is successful, the masked card details are shown to a customer as a response like the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<card id="7" charge-type-id="2">
		<card-holder-name>Joe Test</card-holder-name>
		<address country-id="200">
			<street>4000 Ponce De Leon Blvd</street>
			<city>Coral Gables</city>

The operation's parameters are listed and defined in the table below:

get-payment-summaryObjectThe object which contains details of the payment summary.
client-idIntegerThe unique ID of a merchant.
transaction idIntegerA unique transaction identification number of a transaction.
card type-idIntegerThe type of card used for a transaction.
tokenStringThe encrypted alpha-numeric string to represent card information used in third-part wallet.
client-infoStringThe object which contains details of language used for a transaction, version, and platform details.
device-idStringThe unique device identification number from which a transaction is conducted.
card idIntegerThe ID which indicates the type of card used for a transaction.
charge-type-idIntegerThe ID to indicate the type of wallet used for a transaction.
maskStringThe masked value of a card number.
expiryStringThe expiration date of a card.
card-holder-nameStringThe name of a card holder.
addressObjectThe object which contains address details such as country-id, first name, last name, street name, postal code, city, and state.