JavaScript Interfaces

Velocity Apple Pay API Integration Guide

For JavaScript interfaces, we need to implement the below methods in the front end for clients who are using Apple Pay. CellPoint Digital sends the callback in this method or requests data as the return parameter in this method.

We need to use the following method or attribute name for showing the applepay btn:

  • You can set the element name “applepay”, and CPD hides it if the device/browser does not have the capability of Apple Pay.
  • The payment flow related method initPay(valURL)
    • You will receive the URL which you need to pass in the pay API call.
    • We have two options for this flow as follows:
      • For clients who want the billing information, we need to the enable below method:
        onWalletProcess(paymentObj,, billingAddress)
      • For clients who do not want the billing information, we need to enable the below method: